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This is My Story

Hi my name is Amy and this is my Original work. I am a Graphic Designer, a Creative, a Doodle and a Maker.
I specialize in print and digital design, branding and social media content. I love to find good typography in the wild.
It’s all about the simple things in life, like puppy snuggles and good road trip.

I started this journey as the daughter of a photojournalist, spending many hours in a newspaper darkroom in Mid-Michigan watching my Dad’s art come to life. While I love photography, my passion went beyond that and lead me on my journey into graphic design. It wasn’t a simple path, the best ones never are, but I wouldn’t change any part of my journey. All those bumps in the road make me a better designer. Having spent time in different fields, with different people gives me the ability to see design through many different perspectives.